Gala Pharmaceutical Inc.

Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. (GPI) with its innovative tools for plant genetics, tissue culture and cloning, drug manufacturing and formulations is providing: 


1. Testing:

Testing or Analytical Chemistry tools for chemical, plant, soil, and liquid composition analysis. GPI provides analysis of compositional traits for hemp and cannabis products (cannabinoid, terpenes, pesticides, residual solvents and microbial). The analysis is being done at certified labs with persistent results.

2. Genetics:

GPI provides genetic “fingerprinting” and “sequencing” of various crop species. This fingerprinting allows for storing genetic fingerprint information into a proprietary database. GPI customers can access genetic fingerprint data which can be used for predictive breeding applications and for protecting intellectual property (IP). Additionally, GPI can develop new genetics by using state of the art breeding technology. GPI provides tissue culture and cloning services. These clones are guaranteed to be disease free, chemical free and healthy and robust. 

3. Manufacturing Labs:

GPI provides consulting on testing and manufacturing lab designs and SOPs.  GPI provides services to customers for building turnkey labs, drug formulations and troubleshooting. GPI has highly qualified professionals to bring productivity and efficiency within your current resources. 


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