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Gala Positioning Statement


Gala Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GPI) will develop innovative tools for growing cannabis and marketing cannabis clone(s) products and will maximize clone yields. 

GPI is developing:

1. Testing or Analytical Chemistry

High throughput screening technology for chemical composition and/or components. These components allow for the following:

  • Assay development for key compositional traits
  • Provide quality services to various customers and agricultural partners

2. GPI Genetic Fingerprinting

GPI Geno-breeding provides genetic “fingerprinting” of various cannabis strains. This fingerprinting allows for storing genetic fingerprint information into a proprietary database. GPI customers can access genetic fingerprint data which can be used for predictive breeding applications and for protecting intellectual property (IP).

3. Drug Formulations

The Company will provide cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for use in clinical trials required to make effectiveness claims for varying medical conditions. 

Gala Pharmaceuticals is executing two management contracts with iGot420 for the following:

  • Develop new high yielding high quality cannabis genetics at 11307 Vanowen street north Hollywood, CA
  • Establish state of the art extraction lab at Cathedral City, CA