ANAHEIM, CA – January 20, 2018 - - Gala Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GPI) (Ticker: GLPH) today announced that it is focusing on key 2018 goals to drive success and build long-term shareholder value.

Gala Pharmaceuticals, in 2017, had streamlined its business model, did research and development of key

plant species, cloning technologies and strengthened of its management team, all of which laid the foundation for 2018.

Gala Pharmaceuticals believes the following goals, if achieved, will allow the company to consistently grow its market share in high margin, high profit market segments, thus solidifying the company’s

position as one of the most innovative companies in the marketplace, which should ultimately increase shareholder value:

Goal #1: Breeding, Tissue Culture and Cloning and High Throughput Testing:

GPI is focusing on the development of innovative breeding and cultural tools for growing crops, vegetables and other high

value plant species. The company is looking forward to developing high throughput screening technologies for chemical, plant, soil, and liquid composition analysis which will allow assay development for key compositional traits and provide quality services to various customers in agricultural industry.

Goal #2: GPI Genetic Fingerprinting

GPI is also focusing on providing genetic “fingerprinting” and “sequencing” of various crop species in 2018. In doing so, it will be able to develop and store genetic fingerprint information into a proprietary database. GPI customers will then have exclusive access to genetic fingerprint data which can be used for

predictive breeding applications and for protecting intellectual property (IP).

Goal #3: Drug Formulations

The company is laying the groundwork to focus on drug formulation processes. The company is expecting to provide oversight for the development of fully Good Manufacturing Practices c(GMP), and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for use in clinical trials required to support the safety and efficacy of potential drugs for the treatments of various medical conditions. 

It is believed that the investments made last year, with a focus on building our genomics technologies as well as our plant cloning techniques, will prove to be two of the greatest factors differentiating us from our competitors in the agriculture industry. “I am extremely excited about the future at Gala Pharmaceuticals, beginning with our expectation to achieve the three initial goals just mentioned” said

Gala Pharmaceuticals CEO, Maqsood Rehman.

Gala Pharmaceuticals is looking forward to leading the development of innovative tools to improve yield and quality for various plant species this year and the company believes it has the right team in place to ensure success. Throughout the course of the year. The company will continue to provide quarterly progress reports so that shareholders may measure company’s performance against the objectives set out in previous shareholder communications. This transparency should elicit further confidence in company’s business model and trust in the Company.

Dr. Maqsood Rehman

Chief Executive Officer

Gala Pharmaceuticals Inc.

About Gala Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Gala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Ticker: GLPH) is a publicly-traded startup development company specializing in the biotech industry. Gala Pharmaceutical’s professional services group provides

operational services and technologies that drive efficiencies in the agricultural market. Gala Pharmaceuticals has industry-leading expertise helping companies make the most of their potential in an emerging market. 

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